Amor, Dinero y Salud

I advised him about his collection proof status before he advised me about seeking happiness, love and financial security. Collection proof is a term that refers to a person who, even if sued for an alleged obligation, a judgment for any obligation owing would be entirely non collectible due to alleged obligor’s asset types and source(s) of income.

This collection proof status often applies to people with low income and folks who receive income that is entirely protected from collection such as Social Security/SSI, Veteran Benefits, retirement pensions etc. What this means for my client is that despite not being able to afford to make any payments, there is no way the creditors could ever ‘touch’ his income. What a relief it was for an elderly, disabled gentleman making it on a very limited monthly income!

But then he went on to advise me about my life, about how he wished for me “Amor, Dinero y Salud”. It has become my new mantra. Somewhere in between serving so many clients, it is often easy to forget about my goals, my dreams. When they come to your office with so little and you are able to help provide some peace of mind, it is rewarding. But when they are able to remind you a little about who you are, why you do the work you do and what it all really means–that is when the attorney client-advocate-advisor role can often reverse itself instantly. I learn a lot from my clients. By no means will I ever become rich doing what I do. But seeking love, seeking security and seeking health, those are all things this lady lawyer can search for and work for, for sure.

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